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In an industry where decisions need to be made immediately, keeping track of the vehicles in your fleet is no longer enough to remain competitive.

The Fleet Platform (powered by Be-Mobile) brings a clear and real-time view of drivers, vehicles, assets, points of interest, routes and high-quality traffic information helping you to find your way in an increasingly complex environment. More importantly, we provide modern tools to leverage those rich insights and take well-informed and prompt actions.

Fleet monitor

Fleet Monitor offers a real-time view of your fleet capturing all trip and event information over the past 24 hours. You can also decide on the best method to break down daily activities into logical parts more valuable for your business.


Highlight your key information and vehicles with Sticky Pads.

Magic search

Quickly find any item in your fleet thanks to an intelligent search.


Manage POIs and design geozones important for your business.


Set automatic alerts for events of your choice to focus on what matters.

Fleet doctor

Thanks to the different types of tailored reports you can generate meaningful insights into the trips of your vehicles.

Detailed reports

Spot unusual activity or analyze your monthly costs with the reporting tool

History view

Analyze in detail the data of your fleet from the past two months.

Communication and navigation platform

The Truckmeister driver companion app enables two-way communication between the trucker and the fleet dispatcher. This way, it is possible to send and receive route updates, synchronize ETAs and send text messages that are read out to the truck driver.

Our mobile app navigates drivers to their destination, avoiding unexpected traffic jams and roadworks. Thanks to unique C-ITS features, Truckmeister warns them when they approach any dangerous events and sends speed advice.


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